Our importing feature allows you to upload a whole, traditional format podcast and our intelligent software will break it down into multiple Synths, automatically. 

All the Synths produced will appear inside a newly created Synth Podcast. All the Synths will be available for back-to-back listening experience just like you could with the original episode, with diverse editing & sharing opportunities of each one. 

How to import a Podcast:

  1. Click orange Create Synth "+" button (at the top right corner on Feed, Explore or Podcast)
  2. Click [Upload audio] 
  3. Select file to upload & click Podcast

  4. Enter a podcast_name & description (optional)

  5. Click Start Podcast

NOTE: Your file must be longer than 256 seconds. Otherwise, an individual Synth will be created. Not a Synth podcast. 

It may take 5-15 minutes to process, depending upon the length of your source file.

Refresh your page to see the processed Synths in your Podcast.

It is available on web only.

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