Podcasts are made to be shared easily and quickly outside the platform. We already cover a range of platforms, and are adding more and more embed integrations with each release. Here's a summary. 


Paste the weblink into a Tweet. It will use the same embedded player that YouTube and Soundcloud use in Twitter to play natively.  Podcasts will play back to back, with embedded navigation tools. 

Medium: Grab the weblink and paste it into Medium using their embed function. It will bring the synth Player interface into your article, and play Podcasts back to back, with embedded navigation tools. 

Websites (including Google Sites): From Synth's web interface, click the share menu and copy the embed code. Paste that into your website and you have a full embedded player, with navigation tools for the Podcasts. Embed codes are not available from the iOS app. 

Want another embed integration? Let us know: blamb@gosynth.com

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