Transcriptions are critical to discovery of valuable audio. Our player is made to feature them dynamically, as a part of playback experience to help do that. 

Automatic transcriptions are generated on every Synth you create, along with an editing tool to clean them up. The default setting for showing transcriptions is off to avoid transcription errors being seen by default. 

Here's how to use transcriptions.

Record your Synth. As soon as you click "done", your transcription will start processing. You can proceed forward, save and even share your Synth while processing takes place. 

Processing takes approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on file length. 

Once the transcription file is processed, you will receive a notification that it is done. Click on the notification or just go back to your Synth and click the three dots menu to edit. 

You will be able to do the following: 

  1. Turn on transcriptions. 
  2. Review the transcription quality. 
  3. Edit transcription to clean up. 

We use state of the art automatic transcription technology and are actively testing several options. We will work to make the automatic versions better and better over time. We currently only support English, but will work to add other languages post Beta.

It is recommended that you check and edit your transcription before sharing it.

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