If you want to create a listening experience akin to a traditional interview style podcast you are in luck. 

Conversational filtering and threads makes it easy. Follow these easy steps to get going: 

  1. Add participants to Podcast (See Creating a Podcast)
  2. Add the first Synth as a placeholder for the Podcast introduction. You can come back and record it later using edit.
  3. Come up with an initial set of questions you want to ask and enter them in order. Do not use Threading. Just record Synths into the Podcast.
  4. Have the participant(s) respond to the questions entered using threads
  5. Listen to their responses, and ask follow up questions to their initial responses using threads. 
  6. Have participant(s) respond back. 
  7. Synthesize the discussion in your introduction Synth. 
  8. Click share and make Podcast discoverable, to make all Synths available for search on Explore. All individual Synths are linked to the Podcast, so once viewers discover a Synths from your podcast, they can easily navigate to the whole podcast. 
  9. Share a weblink to the Podcast on social media and email to direct your network to view the podcast. 

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