Synth Podcasts can be used on a one-time basis, like an "episode", or on an ongoing basis, like a channel (ex. a slack channel or a discussion board). 

This article covers how Podcasts works for ongoing conversations.

Once participants join the conversation (see Creating a Podcast), it is accessible for them at anytime. 

More importantly, new Synths added to a Podcast show up in their Feed (note: only for full, non-student accounts), and corresponding notifications are sent. So you can use the Feed to stay up to date on multiple channels at a time.

Ongoing conversations can be free form. Participants can post at any time, in response to other participants in threads, or just openly to the Podcast. 

For some use cases, a moderator can create structure by adding prompts or questions for participants to respond to in threads. Some examples:

  1. Teachers can pose questions for students to respond to based on current activities. 
  2. Project managers can prompt their team to provide updates based on current focus. 
  3. Hosts can prompt a discussion panel by posting a Podcast subtopic for participants to respond to. 


Podcasts start private by default. They can be kept private, or made Discoverable. 

When private, you can still share a private link for listeners and participants. 

When made Discoverable, all Synths from the Podcast can be found by the whole Synth community in Explore tab, and further shared.

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