Synths, Feeds, Explore, and threading are all essential parts of Synth, but aren't parts that require lengthy explanation. You have seen and used tools exactly like them on Twitter and other popular tools. Interactive Podcasts are unique to Synth, and thus need a bit more.

Podcasts in Synth bring the essential privacy, participation management and publishing tools required to craft an experience.

Podcasts are created under the Podcast tab, and are sharable securely via weblink, allow participation by code and can be published so that their individual Synths can be discovered in Explore and the whole Podcast in Feeds. 

Once you discover a Synth from Podcast, you can navigate to the whole podcast. 

Podcasts can be used to create traditional podcasts episodes, or more like a channel for ongoing conversation. You can just free-form ongoing conversations, or add structure using threading to create prompts or questions to answers.  

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