Synth is made for students of all ages to use, not just those above 16. 

We identify students first by age (asked for upon sign up). All users that indicate they are below 16 are required to have a Participation Code for a podcast provided by a parent or teacher to proceed. If they do not, they will not be able to proceed and we retain no data from the attempted sign up.

Once they are in, they access a simplified app experience. They have access to two tabs: 

  1. Library: A space where all own Synths are stored, including the ones in progress or that students choose not to share. 
  2. Podcasts: Where the class Podcasts they have joined are listed. 

Students do not have access to Feed or Explore, to listen to or share content to. This prevents access to unapproved, unsafe content and from letting their data be accessible to unapproved listeners. 

Adding students to a Podcast is simple. Teachers create a Podcast. After creation, share a weblink + Participation code with students. Students click on the weblink, enter the Participation code and create their account. Once created, they can log in and participate anytime. 

Sign in with Google is provided for yours and their convenience. 

Swivl, Synths parent company,  is a Privacy Pledge signatory, is FERPA and COPPA compliant. You can find the full Privacy Policy here.

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