Any user can create a Podcast on a topic. Simply navigate to Podcasts tab and click on "+ Create Podcast".

Podcast name is designed to be a hashtag for better discoverability, once you decide you make your podcast public. Each Synth within a podcast receives this hashtag, which serves both as a link to the whole podcast, and as a way to discover individual Synths by topic (hashtag).

Podcasts can be private or shared. They can be used on an ongoing basis, or for a single episode. They start in private mode by default.

To share your podcast click on the "Share" button. There you will find several options: 

  1. Invite listeners by sharing a weblink 
  2. Invite participants by sharing the weblink + participation code

Participants can join on a session basis, or can create a full account to proceed from the Podcast page. 

NOTE: Sharing function also includes the option to "Make Podcast Discoverable" (only do this when you are interested in sharing publicly and your Podcast is complete and ready).

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