Whether you are using the mobile or web app, the orange plus button is accessible and it allows you to capture Synths quickly and easily. 

Capturing is easy. Here's a few key features and how to use them: 

1) You can capture an audio OR video file. 

Why use it? Video is useful when you need to show context of what you are talking about. 

2) You can add/edit voice transcription to the first 60 seconds of any Synth.

Why use it? Transcriptions are useful for improving Discovery, particularly on external platforms where audio is off by default. 

NOTE: Transcriptions take 3-5 minutes to produce. You will get a notification when it is done and you can navigate back to enable/edit transcription. 

3) You can restart your recording mid-way through your Synth. 

Why use it? Sometimes you start strong but lose your train of thought. This is for when you need to backup and restart half way through recording your Synth. 

4) You can add a descriptive title to your Synth. 

Why use it? Synths are made to be easily scanned by listeners. A better title will improve listeners ability to determine if your Synth is worth listening too. 

5) You can add external links to your Synth. 

Why use it? Introduce content to listeners that is connected with what you are talking about in your Synth.

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